Last Updated: July 1st, 2023

This Credit Corp “SMS AND MMS MESSAGE POLICY” (“SMMP”) applies to each account you have with Credit Corp Solutions Inc. (hereinafter, “Credit Corp”) for which you have elected to receive communications by Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) (collectively, “Text Messages”). This SMMP expressly notifies you about how providing Credit Corp with your cell number and consent, you directly give us express permission to communicate with you through Text Messages.

  1. The words “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to Credit Corp, which also does business in some jurisdictions as Tasman Credit Corp and Tasman Credit. The words “you” and “your” means you, the individual identified on the account(s) you have with us. As used in this SMMP, Text Message communication means an SMS or MMS communication from us to you pertaining to you or your account(s), including, but not limited to, payment information, payment reminders, account information, due dates, delinquency, updates, notifications, disclosures, and settlement offers.
  2. By providing us your cell number and consent, you expressly acknowledge and confirm that you possess the rightful ownership or appropriate authorization to utilize your cell number to receive Text Messages from Credit Corp. Moreover, you expressly grant us consent to transmit Text Messages that contain your personal and account information, including through an automatic telephone dialing system commonly known as an ATDS or autodialer. You agree that we may engage third-party service providers to assist in processing or delivering Text Messages. Additionally, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold us harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, liability, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising from providing a cell number that you do not own or have appropriate authorization to utilize. It is your responsibility to provide us with a true, accurate and complete cell number and to maintain and update promptly any changes in this information.

  3. Once you have provided us your cell number and consent, it becomes your responsibility to uphold the security of any personal information transmitted to, or stored within, your device. As such, you hereby agree to the following:

             I. Inform Credit Corp by contacting us at (800)-483-2361 in the event of service cancellation with your cell phone provider.

             II. Notify Credit Corp by contacting us at (800)-483-2361 in case of loss, theft or compromise of your cell phone.

             III. Notify Credit Corp by contacting us at (800)-483-2361 whenever there is a change in your cell phone number.

             IV. Notify Credit Corp if you wish to revoke your consent to receiving further messages, either by opting out using the link in any Text Message sent by Credit Corp, or by contacting us at (800)-483-2361.
  4. While Credit Corp will make every effort to facilitate accurate communication within standard hours permitted by applicable state and federal laws, we cannot guarantee the on-time delivery or absolute accuracy of the content of any messages. You recognize, accept and agree that while we use commercially reasonable endeavours to ensure all messages are sent to you at appropriate times and are free from errors, messages may contain errors, or encounter delays or obstructions due to factors that impact our provider or your carrier, and/or factors beyond our control. By providing your number and consent, you acknowledge and accept such risks in exchange for the convenience of communicating by Text Messages and consequently, you agree to refrain from holding Credit Corp liable for any:

I.    non-delivery, delayed delivery, or misdirected delivery of any messages;

II.   inaccurate or incomplete content in any messages; or

III.  your reliance on or use of the information provided by Credit Corp messages for any purpose.

  1. Note that we cannot and will not review or respond to your Text Message responses unless they fully comply with appropriate action codes or steps set forth in our Text Message. By way of example, to opt-out, you may click on the provided OPT-OUT link within any Text Message, and follow these steps:

I.    Enter your account reference number, also referred to as the DT number.

II.   Enter the cell number your wish to opt out.

III.  Click the Opt-Out button.

IV.   Read the opt out confirmation.

Please note that by opting out of receiving communication via Text Message, Credit Corp will be unable to provide you important information by Text Message about your account, such as payment reminders, or settlement offers.

Alternatively, to OPT-OUT, text STOP to any text message we send you.

Customer Care

If you have questions about this SMS Text and MMS Message Policy, our practices concerning this Site, or your dealings with Credit Corp, you can contact us at or by U.S. mail at the address below:

2nd Floor 121 S Election Rd, Draper, UT 84020

Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Care team directly at: 855-323-1869.


In order to access, view and retain Text Messages that we make available to you, you must have: (1) an SMS or MMS capable cell phone; (2) an active cell phone account with a communication service provider; and (3) sufficient storage capacity on your cell phone. The quantity of messages received may differ depending on the account, and in the event that your mobile device does not have MMS support, any MMS messages sent to you might be delivered as an SMS messages instead.

Charges for message and data rates may be applicable.

Standard message and data rates may apply. By providing your consent to receive Text Messages from Credit Corp, you acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for any charges imposed by your cell phone provider related to the Text Messages sent by Credit Corp, and that we bear no responsibility for any expenses from or related to the Text Messages we send you. Please consult your cell phone provider’s pricing plan to determine the charges for sending and receiving text messages.

Credit Corp may modify or terminate this SMMP from time to time, for any reason, and without notice, including the right to terminate Text Message services with or without notice, without incurring liability to you, or any other user or third party.  

We recommend that you check our SMS Text and MMS Message Policy regularly, and in any event whenever you visit our website, to see if it has been updated to ensure that you are aware of any changes we may make.